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Pink and Gold [PRO]

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About this Kardz

BE REMARKABLE - Make the perfect first introduction for yourself with your Kardz!

Included is a Digital Profile that you can update at any time, normally costs $7/month but comes with your purchase for FREE - No monthly fees!

Product Description
A sophisticated digital business card for the modern business professional. Boasting a captivating pink glass composite finish and with exquisite Gold engravings, this Kardz exudes elegance and style.
  • QR Code and NFC contactless info sharing
  • FR-4 printed circuit board 
  • Highly durable, no-bend, weatherproof material
  • 1.6mm thickness

Production and shipping for Premium Kardz can take an estimate of 3-4 weeks from order to delivery.

Pink and Gold [PRO]
Pink and Gold [PRO]
Pink and Gold [PRO]


  • Checkout your Kardz 

    Choose your Kardz design & style, then proceed to checkout.

  • Provide your details

    You will be directed to a form where you will input the information that will appear on your Kardz and Digital Profile.

  • Tap and share to grow your network

    No giving away your Kardz - simply share your info with a scan or tap.

“Highly recommend”

If you're looking for something modern but still professional, then you need to get yourself Kardz.

Abigail T. Urey - Miller, Managing Partner at Phoenix Taxation and Advisory Consultancy

"Kardz.Biz is an absolute game-changer"

Very cool and definitely a conversation-starter! It's so convenient to share contact info with just a tap, I highly recommend this to any company that wants to stand out.

Jonah Mink, MD, CEO of Beluga Health

“A beautiful solution”

Getting so much use of my card already, and the responses are amazing!

Neta Beresheet, Business Development Manager at Capsulab


Simply incredible how it all comes together and automates a lot of manual “networking” processes. Also, I feel special after receiving my tree planting certificate! So cool!

Vinay Raman, CEO & Founder of CAARMO

“I love my Kardz!”

They are so sleek and an incredible modern approach to business cards! Also, I get amazing reactions everytime I share my Kardz with others.

Adi Bitton, Social Media & Marketing Strategist for Aggaeus Group

“10/10 would recommend”

It’s so compact and practical to have around! Makes sharing my details and links super easy and contactless.

Yigael Berger, Founder of Halva Labs

“Kardz is brilliant!”

Prestigious and professional plus it’s more cost-effective and convenient than paper cards. Just WOW.

Author's name

“Absolutely love my Hippocrates in Red Kardz!”
It's such an innovative and convenient way to share my contact information. Not only is it sleek and stylish, but it can be scanned or tapped by anyone who needs to get in touch with me.

Tulsi Gaddam, Marketing Director for BetterWeightForLife

“Eco-friendly and modern”
It’s great that I don’t need any more waste paper for business cards!

Nirit Ayal, Entrepreneur

“Such an innovative product”

I carry around just one card, no more fumbling around with paper business cards.

Yaron Gisin, CEO of Wise Solutions

“An upgrade everyone needs”

As a busy entrepreneur, I don't always have time to exchange contact info the traditional way – having Kardz completely changed the game for me.

Zohar Meron Shmueli, Co-Owner of Claro

“Great networking tool”

Really impressed with how easy and quick it was to use Kardz. Plus, it's just cool to be able to share your info without having to exchange physical cards.

Dr. Eugene Buff, Founder & President of Primary Care Innovation Consulting

“Thoroughly impressed”

So thrilled with this tech. It takes networking to a whole new level.

Yoav Nathaniel, Co-Founder & CEO of Silk Security

“Fantastic business card!”

No more carrying around stacks of paper business cards whenever I travel for events!! Love the convenience and portability of their product.

Prof. Ayelet Baram-Tsabari, Head of the SciComm Research Group at Technion

“Incredibly innovative solution”

These cards have saved me time and effort when networking - now I can just focus on making connections instead of worrying about exchanging business cards!

Eli Cohen, CEO of Hypus


What is the difference between Pro and Premium Kardz?

Premium Kardz is our collection of Custom-Made Smart Business Cards

  • They come in a selection of sleek designs, customizable with your logo/design on the back in Gold or Silver.
  • Name and role (optional) on the front for a truly personalized Kardz.
  • Included is a Digital Profile that you can update at any time.
  • Production and shipping can take an estimate of 3-4 weeks from order to delivery.
  • Minimum of 1 pack (5pcs) per order.

Pro Kardz is our collection of Ready-to-Use Smart Business Cards.

  • They come in a number of beautiful designs, engraved in either Gold or Silver.
  • No name or role appears on the Kardz itself, making it super easy to transition between companies and roles.
  • Included is a Digital Profile that you can update at any time.
  • Minimum of 1 Kardz per order.
How to order?

Simply select your preferred Kardz design, check-out, fill up the form to submit your logo and personalization details (only if you chose Premium Kardz), follow the steps to create your Digital Profile, receive your order, and start making lasting impressions!

What is the turnaround time for Kardz?

After submitting your customization details, an order usually takes 3-4 weeks from confirmation to delivery.

How do Kardz work?

Kardz has a few sharing options:

  • With NFC technology, tapping your Kardz on any smartphone will automatically pop-up a link that displays your Digital Profile in seconds.
  • Each Kardz also comes with a QR code that you can quickly scan to access your Digital Profile.
  • You can also download your profile's QR code or copy the link and add it to your socials, email signature, or home screen to make sure that you’re getting the most from your Digital Profile .
How do I add or update my details?

Simply log in to your Kardz.Biz account to update the information in your Digital Profile in real-time.